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What are the shipping costs?
We offer a flat $10 shipping rate within the US. A shipping surcharge is applied at checkout for all international orders.

How big is Vizilu?
Vizilu has an outer black frame that is 14"x20" and 1.5" thick. The graphic area within the frame measures 12"x18" and protrudes 3.25" from the wall.

Do you have any other sizes or frame colors?
Not for now. Please contact us at with your suggestions.

Can I use my existing pictures directly in Vizilu?
No. Standard pictures are rectangular, but the Vizilu picture slots are trapezoidal. Your images must be uploaded to our free mobile app or web app where they are digitally modified to conform to the Vizilu frame. The app will produce a pdf file containing the warped images. You must then print, cut, and install the images into the Vizilu picture slots.

What is the purpose of the Vizilu app?
The Vizilu magic works by applying a reverse perspective transformation on your photos. The warped photos will be made to appear as though they are hanging on the walls of a photo gallery. Although receding edges in a photo naturally appear smaller, the app reverses this effect and makes them appear larger instead. When this imagery is applied to the faceted 3D Vizilu surface, an optical illusion is evoked to reconcile the visual contradiction. The purpose of the app is to gather the user photos, process them, and convert them to a pdf file suitable for printing, cutting, and installation.

What are the stages in the Vizilu app?
The first step is to simply upload your selected photos. Our software will allow you to crop, zoom, and position your photos into square frames prior to being subjected to perspective foreshortening for display in the Vizilu photo gallery, where they will appear as trapezoids. The app allows you to rearrange and replace these warped images as you visualize them in the Vizilu gallery. Once you are satisfied, the warped images are consolidated into a pdf file. A dashed line is drawn around each photo to indicate where you should cut the printed photos for placement behind the clear photo slots in the Vizilu frame.

What happens after I use the app?
Once you are satisfied with the displayed results in the app, you can export the four images into a pdf file suitable for printing. We recommend that you use premium matte or glossy photo paper on a high-quality color printer. You may print them at home, a nearby print shop, or the many available online print services, including those offered by Costco, CVS, FedEx, mpix, OfficeDepot, Shutterfly, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and more.

How do the Vizilu pictures stay in place?
Small metal dots are affixed behind the surface to the corners of each Vizilu photo slot. Simply position each photo between the metal dots and the supplied magnets to hold them securely. The use of magnets simplifies any needed adjustments to the photo positions.

What illusion do I expect to see?
Your pictures appear to hang on the walls of a photo gallery. You will perceive the 3D gallery to rotate and track your every move as you walk in front of Vizilu, from side to side. The effect is only visible in response to your motion. Stand at least four feet away for best results.

How does the illusion work?
The magic behind the effect is based on reverse perspective, which was pioneered by the British artist, Patrick Hughes. Our brain is hardwired to understand that nearby objects appear larger than more distant ones. Strange things happen when we intentionally violate this principle. By painting the scene so that the more distant faceted surfaces on Vizilu are magnified, while the closer ones are painted smaller, the brain is fooled into hallucinating motion to reconcile this contradiction. The mind-bending effect is mesmerizing. Vizilu is the first picture frame of its kind to showcase this reverse perspective illusion directy on user-supplied photos.