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Visual Illusion Picture Frame (12
Visual Illusion Picture Frame (12
Visual Illusion Picture Frame (12
Visual Illusion Picture Frame (12
Visual Illusion Picture Frame (12
Visual Illusion Picture Frame (12

    Visual Illusion Picture Frame (12"x18" Gallery)

      Vizilu has pioneered a new product that reimagines the picture frame. Whereas traditional frames display photos for passive viewing, the novel 3D picture frame by Vizilu transforms your photographs into the centerpiece of a visual illusion.

      The 3D facets of the frame induce a mesmerizing illusion that engages people in a visual dance whereby the photos appear to move in synchronicity with the viewer.

      The Vizilu frame will delight audiences as they are transformed from passive spectators to active viewing participants.

      Viewers are invited to actively observe the piece from various positions to notice how the motion of the photo is tied to their own movement.

      You have to try it to believe it, with the effects being more dramatic in person than any video can capture. The mind-bending effect turns your photos into a showpiece that evokes wonder and awe.
      HOW TO USE
      To find out more about using the Visual Illusion Picture Frame, please visit our installation guide where you will find videos and instructions.

      The Vizilu magic works by applying a perspective transformation on your photos to make them appear as though they are hanging on the walls of a photo gallery. Receding edges of the photos naturally appear smaller.

      To create this effect, simply upload your photos to or our free Vizilu app. Our software will allow you to crop, zoom, and position your photos into square frames prior to being subjected to perspective foreshortening for display in the Vizilu photo gallery, where they will appear as trapezoids.

      Once you are satisfied with the displayed results in the software, you can export the four images into pdf files suitable for printing. We recommend that you use premium matte or glossy photo paper on a high-quality color printer. You may print them at home, a nearby print shop, or the many available online print services, including those offered by Costco, CVS, FedEx, mpix, OfficeDepot, Shutterfly, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and more.

      Simply cut your photos, use our supplied magnets to affix them to the rear of the Vizilu frame, and hang it on the wall for an amazing viewing experience.

      As you sway to the left and right, you provide the motion to turn your photos into fascinating kinetic wall art that makes your pictures appear to move in 3D.